Increase engagement by creating digital experiences

Our video face-swapping technology turns viewers into participants and browsers into shoppers

Are you a major brand that wants to bring fun and excitement to your consumers?

Bring them into your brand experience and make them part of your story

Our white label video face-swapping platform integrates within a brands own site or app

Increase Engagement

Consumers are offered to do face swaps onto your video content

Capture Data for Future Marketing

They exchange their data in return for the video, enabling you (or your sponsor partners) to add them to your marketing outreach

Extension of Brand Advocates

They share their videos and give you eyeballs and mass reach over social media

Paid For / Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition, brands with premium video content can use our product to create new paid for offerings / sponsorship opportunities

Why Chose2?

Whether you’re in fashion, sport, music, film, television or any sector looking for unique and different digital experiences, Chose2 brings the sparkle that helps you shine

white label platform

to use within your own site/app

Superior quality
that you can trust

with your brand and content

Build unique
and fun experiences

that drive engagement

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